Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Road Trippin’-Resolutions
with Steve McCarthy

Drat. Hoist on me own petard. Trapped by the Law of Unforeseen Circumstances. Painted meself into a corner. Sigh. Since I did the November column on Thankfulness, and the December one on Christmas Wishes, I suppose you are all expecting this one to be on Resolution for the New Year. Usually, I don’t, that way I can keep one, the resolution to not make resolutions. But here I am, stuck by my own cleverness (?). OK, I’m bowing to the inevitable.

1)Fix all the niggily little things that have been deferred on the TR. It began when the fuel pup crapped out in Barstow and I to get home, I bought an electric one at O’Reilly’s. Now, I look at what’s become a spaghetti explosion on the firewall and began to cleanup the wiring. And reroute the fuel line. And add a back up electrical fuel pump. All this requires that I get back to my original doctrine, WWPD. What Would Phil Do?

2) What WOULD Phil do? Phil “Rags”, “Little Phil”, “Douche”, Deushane was a dear friend and TR mentor who passed away, shit, getting close to twenty (???!!!) years ago. He was THE most meticulous (read anal retentive) mechanic ever. It ALL had to be perfect. Close enough never was. I really promise to get back to that level of quality as best I can.

3)Finish the 914. This is Daughter #3’s car and I really need to get back at it. The engine is in bits and there are other issues, and I promise to always obey #2 when doing this.

4)Get the Yellow Submarine up (literally) and running. The Citroen Safari (wagon) I bought a year ago is still sitting. I need to rewire it and fiddle the hydraulics a bit and still obey #2. Deadline? Yes, Best of France and Italy, Nov. 2014. Now, I’ve committed.

5)Sell Delbert. The ’52 Dodge Pick Up that has graced the back yard for all these years needs to make way. Sorry, but ya gotta go. Anyone with $2000 and a trailer can haul him away.

6)Work on the Model Railroad. Yes, I’m dumb enough to have more than one hobby. The layout needs to be tweaked (and yes, #2 applies here as well). AND I really will host an operating session, something I’ve been wanting to do but never seem to get around to.

7)Write more. That means finishing novel #3 and maybe get a start on #4. Writing has become a great activity, so this won’t be hard.

8)Sell more books. This is the hard part. I need to be more aggressive in marketing what I’ve written. So, help me! Buy me damn books!

I guess eight is enough. These are all doable. I’ve left off the usual crap about taking better care of myself, eating right, exercising more, those just need to evolve without the pressure. Now, if I can be so bold, how about I propose a few for you? Some gentle reminders of what Road Tripper’s need to resolve?

1)Drive more! No excuses, get the Auld Crate out and drive the thing! Sheesh!

2)Drive to TEN new places. Find somewhere you haven’t been (OK, I’ll allow you to revisit a couple of places you haven’t been to in more than 10 years) and drive there, using a route you haven’t tried.

3)Find TEN new roads. Get out the maps and devise a route that will take you to some undiscovered territory. This should help with #2!

4)See my personal Numbers One and Two. Fix the little stuff that should be dealt with, stop the deferred maintenence! And do it right!

5)Share the Road. Especially with cyclists. Be nice out there, let people merge in, wave back when people let you pass. Believe it or not, you represent all of us Car Folk. Show them that we are really nice people.

6)Above all, have fun. Laugh, love, share. What else is there to life.

7)And, ya might at least think about buying one of  my books! 

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    I always am driving my Auld Crates as I don't own any Moderns =8-) .

    Ditto I work hard at offering Road Courtesy .

    My big thing this year of 2014 will be to get back to driving and riding my Motos , just as soon as the Good Dr. says I can ~ I don't want to screw up proper healing by jumping the gun .

    New roads and places ? SIGN ME UP ! .

    After 20 years , maybe I'll get the little red Nash Metropolitan re painted this summer , I sure hope so anyway .