Monday, June 19, 2017

Dear Friends:

OK, don’t run away, but you know that notes like this are going to ask something of you. And I am. 

One of the goals of our Grand Tour of Ireland and the UK last summer was to produce a photography book with original poetry. This is not a Road Trippin’ Book, this is a serious artistic endeavor. I know, I know, seems a bit out of character. Still, it was something we wanted to do. 

Well, the book, Stones-A Journey is done. And I need help getting it printed. My source for all my other books doesn’t offer what I am looking for in this book: landscape format, glossy paper, hard cover, and a dust jacket. This means I have to turn to a more expensive printer, and pre-order a bunch of books. That takes money up front that I don’t have, so I’ve started a “kickstarter” project to raise the money. 

The way Kickstarter works is, I set a goal (in this case, $6000), and offer rewards for investors at a variety of levels. Everything from a $10 donation to a $500 (or more if you’re a REALLY good buddy!) will get you some great rewards. The key one is of course, a Premium Copy of Stones-A Journey at the $75 level. This edition is hardbound in genuine leatherette, has a full color dust jacket, heavier gloss paper, and will be limited to 50 signed and numbered copies. 

What happens next is that you donate on the website below, and IF AND ONLY IF the goal is met, you’re credit card is charged. If I can’t raise the $6000, you pay nothing. So, it’s a no-risk arrangement for you. 

Kickstarter is a well known site for fund raising, and is totally secure. They don’t share info or personal data. They’ve been around for several years and have a great reputation. Have no worries about using them. 

Essentially, what I’m doing is pre-selling books to cover the cost of printing, so that I can put this project out there in order to inspire, to make available what I believe is a thought provoking, stimulating work of art. 
The Link:
Feel free to email me with any questions. 

Thanks for your consideration!

Stephen McCarthy