Sunday, May 23, 2021

Frogs Invade the ADM!

 A REAL car show! Small, but STILL! An organized (as much as anything involving the cars of a nation that has, what? 250 types of cheese, can be organized), pre-planned Car Show. Not a "Cars n Coffee"--a real, honest to God CAR SHOW! How long has it been? 

If you don't know the Automobile Driving Museum (ADM) nead LAX, you've missed out on a gem. It's not very big, but has an eclectic collection of cars, ranging from a Baker Electric (complete with "Chaperone Seat"--a source of MUCH amusement to mon amis francais) to the obligatory Model T to some lovley Packards, Lincolns, and Pierce-Arrows, to Morgans, MGs, Crosleys, and on it goes. 

The hook at the ADM is that you can TAKE A RIDE in a variety of cars! Take THAT all you fancy pants museums. Come on Nethercutt, Petersen, Mullin, get your act together. 

Anyway, for whatever reason, 23/5 (OK, I'm using the French date method) was "French Car Day" and several Citroens, a pair of Renaults, and some Peugots showed up. Naturally, the Yellow Submarine garnered a lot of attention. Here's some pix, enjoy! 

The museum is located on Lairport St. in El Segundo, just of the 105. Drop by! 

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

One of our favorite Road Trips--Oly in the TR, 2012

 What a great time we had! 

Carpinteria for Breakfast

Cayucos for Lunch

First night in Santa Cruz

Golden Gate that morning. Twain was right. This was in JULY! "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco"

Marin French Cheese Company

Pee Break near Mendicino

2nd Night in Garbarville

At the LeMay

Even saw a LeMons race! 

Dad's Birthday

On the way home

Tillamock, OR

Who knew there's an Air Museum there? 

Oregon Coast

Avenue of the Giants