Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Ah, Yosemite!

Without a doubt, THE MOST BEAUTIFUL, AWE INSPIRING PLACE THERE IS. OK, I admit, I haven’t been EVERYWHERE. But still, it’s hard to imagine a place more filled with the Glory of Nature!
The getting there wasn’t without it’s perils. That part of the world is rife with roads that make no sense. Even a CHP, talking to Rob Walker and his buddy Jimmy admitted that they don’t use road names, they use landmarks. Eric and his buddy wound up in Kernville of all places after a missed turn and a need for gas, and poor Armin in his Interceptor was last spotted headed south on 99. In other words, a great time.
Dinuba is a funky little town with a good burger joint (Big Boys, no, not Bob’s) and a decent “fine dining” place, The Safari. Our motel, the El Monte was livable, and the owner was working hard to upgrade things.
The hills were brown, tan, and brown, and only in the eternally shady places did wild flowers grow. The weather was good to threatening, leading some to forgo the glories of Yosemite and opt for Mariposa. Silly them. It didn’t rain in The Valley, but it POURED in Mariposa. The Gods were NOT amused that someone could resist the siren call of Half Dome and El Capitan.
The usual paeans and hosannas of Glory hit us as we burst out of the tunnel at Inspiration Point. Bridal Veil Falls were a glorious sight, despite the drought. The clouds shrouded El Cap and Half Dome, but let them peek through like a shy virgin on her wedding night, teasing us with promised glory. One guy got back and said it was his first time and he cried.
We snacked on salami and cheese in Yosemite Village, headed out the bottom along the river and more awe and the brutal force of nature. It’s as if the Gods had peeled back mountains of granite with Titan finger tips, leaving gouge marks and broken pieces the size of office buildings along the way.
Headed for home, we found more twisties and the long straight Hwy 65 through the heart of agriculture. The scent of fresh plowed earth was everywhere. Back over the Tehachapis, lunch at the Apple Shed and home. Sights that will live in memories forever.