Friday, May 30, 2014

What's a Few Hours, Anyway?

Road Trippin’
with Steve McCarthy

What’s two hours worth? Lot’s of answers to that. Time with a newborn? Priceless. At the higher minimum wage that people are screaming for? About $30. Before taxes. On a Road Trip? It’s the difference between a mind stultifying endless slog up the I-5 and the FAR more pleasant cruise up the 101. Two whole freakin’ hours longer. That’s it. It’s the difference between eating McKing Jr. and a Bison Burger in Atascadero. It’s the difference between a Denny’s pancake and waffles at the Worker Bee in Carpinteria. It’s the difference between rolling hills, dotted with oak trees, a road that gently sweeps through vineyards and rich farmland and the cattle pens in Kettleman City. It’s the difference between a parade of semis, limited to 55 mph trying to pass each other at 57 mph, while some sanctimonious asshat in a Prius hogs the fast lane at 65, “Saving the Planet.” So, what brought all this on?
One of our dearest friends, Pam is about to become one of our Oldest Friends. She’s hitting 60. As in years, not MPH. Sixty is a rough one. It's the age when you know you are all of a sudden, "Old." There's a tendency to look backwards. A lot. To need to reconnect with people from one's past. A tendency to reflect on what you've done with your life. It marks the point when you're starting the last of your Biblically allotted "Four Score Years." The crappy part is, it's like hitting 20, when you're not a teen, can vote, but can't drink. At 60, you're not old enough for Social Security or Medicare, but old enough for the Senior Menu and Discounts.
        Marianne and Pam had babies together, shared baby sitting duties, breast feeding advice, and swapped lies about their husbands. Bill, Pam’s husband at the time is perhaps my dearest and oldest friend. Pam is coming south from Washington to Clearlake, where Bill lives, to celebrate with their kids and friends. We are going. Instead of doing the Southwest Tour I talked about, we’re heading for the wine country, then to the NoCal Coast. Not a bad trade off. Naturally, that means making a choice of route.

Good Ol’ Google Maps naturally defaults to the I-5 north, then cutting west above Sacramento to Clearlake. Some 494 miles. Seven hours, eighteen minutes of driving time. The alternate Central Valley Route of Hwy. 99 is 498 miles and about a half-hour longer. At least along the 99 there are places to stop to eat that don’t involve crappy fast food (WOW, there’s a redundancy if ever there was one!). But mostly, each is an unending panorama of flat farmland, offering little in variety. At least on the 99 you might spot a train or two, and get to tick off the towns as they roll by. Bakersfield, Delano, Pixley, Tulare, Kingsburg, Fresno, and on and one. This was the route we’d take to see the Grand Folks in Sacramento. Then at least, each small town was a separate, distinct entity. Now, they are rapidly growing together.
Then, there’s that two hour difference. US Highway 101. The El Camino Real. The King’s Highway. The ORIGINAL California Road Trip Route. An investment of two hours is all it takes to see the quintessential California landscape. Rolling hills, oak trees, Pacific Ocean, missions, and great food. Now, because there’s more to see, you might windup spending more time poking about. Is that a bad thing? So you add another hour or two? Look at what you gain!
Time, therefore, is not merely money. Time is experiences. The more time you take poking about, the richer your life is. Richer in far more permanent ways than mere money.

1,267 miles, 22 h 40 min
Monrovia, CA

1. Merge onto I-210 W 8.3 mi
2. Continue onto CA-134 14.1 mi
3. Merge onto US-101 N 72.1 mi
4. Take the Casitas Pass Road exit 0.2 mi
5. Turn left onto Casitas Pass Rd 0.2 mi
6. Turn right onto Carpinteria Ave 0.3 mi
7. Turn left onto Linden Ave
Breakfast Destination will be on the right 131 ft
96.1 mi / 1 h 36 min
The Worker Bee Café
973 Linden Ave, Carpinteria, CA 93013

8. Head northeast on Linden Ave toward Carpinteria Ave 0.3 mi
9. Sharp right to merge onto US-101 N 0.1 mi
10. Merge onto US-101 N 152 mi
11. Take the Leavesley Rd/CA-152 W exit 0.4 mi
12. Merge onto San Ysidro Ave
13. Destination will be on the right 0.3 mi

Garlic Shoppe
8650 San Ysidro Ave, Gilroy, CA 95020

14. Head southeast on San Ysidro Ave 0.3 mi
15. Turn right onto Leavesley Rd 210 ft
16. Merge onto US-101 N via the ramp to San Jose 30.7 mi
17. Take the exit onto I-880 N toward Oakland 40.3 mi
18. Merge onto I-80 E 3.5 mi
Keep right to continue on I-580 W,
follow signs for San Rafael/Point Richmond
Partial toll road 13.2 mi
20. Take the exit onto US-101 N 11.9 mi
21. Take the Atherton Ave exit toward San Marin Dr 0.2 mi
22. Turn left onto Atherton Ave 0.2 mi
23. Continue onto San Marin Dr 2.7 mi
24. Turn right onto Novato Blvd 6.3 mi
25. Turn left onto Point Reyes Petaluma Rd 0.4 mi
26. Turn right
Destination will be on the right 230 ft

112 mi / 1 h 55 min
Marin French Cheese
7510 Point Reyes Petaluma Road, Petaluma, CA 94952

27. Head northeast toward Point Reyes Petaluma Rd 230 ft
28. Turn left onto Point Reyes Petaluma Rd 4.8 mi
29. Continue onto D St/D street Extension
Continue to follow D St 4.4 mi
30. Turn left onto Lakeville St 0.1 mi
31. Take the 1st right onto E Washington St 0.8 mi
32. Take the ramp onto US-101 N 0.2 mi
33. Merge onto US-101 N 19.8 mi
34. Take the River Rd exit toward Guerneville 0.2 mi
35. Turn right onto Mark West Springs Rd 5.3 mi
36. Continue onto Porter Creek Rd 4.7 mi
37. Turn left onto Petrified Forest Rd 4.4 mi
38. Turn left onto CA-128 W/Foothill Blvd 0.8 mi
39. Turn right onto Tubbs Ln 1.3 mi
40. Turn left onto CA-29 N 29.4 mi
41. Continue onto CA-53 N 2.9 mi
42. Turn left onto Lakeshore Dr
43. Destination will be on the left 0.4 mi
79.7 mi / 1 h 46 min
Best Western El Grande Inn
15135 Lakeshore Dr, Clearlake, CA 95422

Day Two
OK, from here on, you’re kinda on your own. I’ve traced out a route that hits some neat stuff. The Skunk Train, Fort Ross, The Roaring Camp and Big Trees RR, all manner of things to see along the way. Somewhere, you’ll need to stop for the night. I’ll let you figger it out, that’s what we’ll be doing. Take a chance! Same is true with places to eat. There are all manner of great places you can find along the way. I also used the Freeways to detour around Frisco. If you WANT to, head across the Golden Gate Bridge and see what the locals like to call The City. For all it’s snobbishness, Frisco DOES have great food! Above all, Relax and Enjoy! After all, what’s a few hours here or there?

1. Head east on Lakeshore Dr toward W 40th St 0.3 mi
2. Take the 1st right onto CA-53 S 3.0 mi
3. Turn right onto CA-29 N 30.8 mi
4. Turn left onto CA-20 W 18.9 mi
5. Take the ramp onto US-101 N 16.1 mi
6. Turn left toward Coast St 236 ft
7. Turn left onto Coast St 302 ft
8. Take the 1st right onto Pine St 135 ft
69.2 mi / 1 h 18 min
Willits, CA

9. Head east on Pine St toward Coast St 135 ft
10. Turn right onto Coast St 0.2 mi
11. Slight right to stay on Coast St 0.3 mi
Take the 3rd right onto CA-20 W/
Fort Bragg Rd/Fort Bragg-Willits Rd
Continue to follow CA-20 W 32.6 mi
14. Turn right onto CA-1 N/S Main St 1.8 mi
15. Turn right onto E Laurel St 197 ft
16. Turn left 85 ft
34.9 mi / 51 min
Fort Bragg, CA

17. Head south toward E Laurel St 0.1 mi
Turn right at the 2nd cross street
onto E Redwood Ave 207 ft
19. Turn right to stay on CA-1 S 24.4 mi
20. Turn right onto CA-1 S/Main St
Continue to follow CA-1 S 72.5 mi
21. Continue onto Valley Ford Rd 3.3 mi
22. Turn left onto Roblar Rd 6.5 mi
23. Turn right onto Stony Point Rd 3.4 mi
Turn left to merge onto US-101 S 0.2 mi
25. Merge onto US-101 S 25.9 mi
26. Take the Interstate 580 exit 0.5 mi
Merge onto I-580 E
(signs for Richmond Bridge/Oakland) 13.1 mi
28. Merge onto I-580 E/I-80 W 3.8 mi
29. Take the exit on the left toward Alameda/San Jose 1.5 mi
30. Merge onto I-880 S 44.3 mi
31. Continue onto CA-17 S 22.9 mi
Take the Mount Hermon Road exit
toward Felton/Big Basin 0.2 mi
33. Turn right onto Mt Hermon Rd 3.5 mi
34. Turn left onto Graham Hill Rd 0.5 mi
35. Slight right
Destination will be on the right 0.5 mi
247 mi / 5 h 20 min
Roaring Camp Railroads
5401 Graham Hill Road, Felton, CA 95018

1. Head northeast 0.3 mi
2. Turn right toward Graham Hill Rd 0.1 mi
3. Turn right onto Graham Hill Rd 5.0 mi
4. Continue onto Ocean St 0.3 mi
5. Turn left onto Plymouth St 0.1 mi
6. Keep left to stay on Plymouth St 135 ft
7. Merge onto CA-1 S via the ramp to Watsonville 476 ft
8. Merge onto CA-1 S 17.8 mi
9. Take the exit toward Salinas Rd 0.3 mi
10. Turn left onto Salinas Rd
11. 1.3 mi
12. Slight right onto Werner Rd 0.2 mi
13. Turn right onto Elkhorn Rd/Hall Rd
Continue to follow Hall Rd 3.6 mi
14. Turn right onto San Miguel Canyon Rd 4.6 mi
15. Merge onto US-101 S via the ramp to Vierra Canyon Rd
 From the 101, I’m sure you can get home!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Road Trippin'--The South West!

Road Trippin’
with Steve McCarthy

Before I get started, I have a shameless plug! Son of Road Trippin’ has been released! Yes, the Long Awaited Sequel to my first book, Road Trippin’ is now available. Autobooks will have copies as soon as they get printed, so get your copy NOW!
OK, I’ll be honest. This trip is a Leap of Faith. Well, most of it is. We’d planned on this Road Trip to be our Annual Trek, but other things have come up and well, it’s gonna be delayed. No worries, YOU can blaze the trail for us and let us know what worked! If you’ve done a few of our trips, you should be well seasoned by now, and able to roll with the punches. Realize that not everything goes as planned, you have to adapt on the fly, and you’ll be just fine.
I’d like to make a few suggestions for this journey. One, a GPS. These little things can be useful, especially if you’re hunting for a place to eat or rest your weary head. Two, a radar detector. Most states are using speed traps as revenue enhancement, so being forewarned is being forearmed! Three, Watch your fuel levels! A lot of this Trek is on LONG LONELY ROADS! Like Pee Breaks, never pass up an opportunity to top up from anything below half tank. Four, Bring stuff for picnic lunches! You will probably find neat places along the road to toss out a blanket and share a loaf of bread, some salami and cheese, and a nice view. Sure beats the Mickey D! Five, I’ve only suggested a couple of places to stay. Six-time of year. Unless you have great A/C, don't do this in the summer! Spring and Fall are best. Otherwise, find something local that fits your style and enjoy!
So, what’s this trip about? The Great Southwest! Lots of sand and cactii, lots of turquoise (!) and lots of spectacular scenery. There’ll also be a good hunk of history and enough funky stuff to keep you amused.
The first leg is a well known one. Get your kicks on Route 66. Try the Summit Inn at the top of Cajon Pass for breakfast, and maybe Mr. Ds in Kingman for lunch. Don’t gas up in Needles. They have the worst prices! Flagstaff will be the place to stop the night. There are a bunch of good motels near the old town, and the old part of Flagstaff has a ton of good places to eat and shop.
Next day, we’re headed south to Douglas, Arizona. Not much of a town, and a picnic lunch might be a good idea. Douglas isn’t much of a town, but the Gadsen Hotel is THE place to stop. It’s ancient, a bit funky, but has the largest TIFFANY STAINED GLASS WINDOW IN THE WORLD! I’ve so far only seen photos, but MAN this looks neat! Browsing about, it seems there are some good places to eat. I’m sure the hotel staff will recommend something. Or, let your fingers do the clicking.
The third day heads us to El Paso for BBQ and lunch. I pulled several possibilities from a local website and they all sound REALLY good! Pick one. It’s hard to go wrong with Texas BBQ! From there, it’s more of the Great American Desert to the funkiest place in the country, ROSWELL, NEW MEXICO!
Yes, folks, THAT Roswell. Of Alien Landing Fame. It’s a hoot. Tacky doesn’t do it justice. But even if you are a cynical unbeliever (like I am) this is a place you really have to see. Once. It’s High Kitsch! There’s museums (really gift shops) and alien crap everywhere. Go ahead. You know you want to!
From there on Day Four, it’s real history time. Tucumcari was an important place in the lore of the Wild West. Stop and see the stuff there. It was one of those great tourist traps in the days of Old Route 66.
After that, we’ll get artsy. Taos, NM is a haven for the creative. Take the time to poke around. After that, spend the night in Santa Fe. This is a great place, especially around the old town area. There are lots of places to eat and stay, so take your pick and enjoy.
Day five will take us to one of the most spectacular hotels in the world. The View is set smack dab in the middle of Monument Valley. Constant Reader will know we are obsessed by the beauty of this place. The hotel is fairly new (we haven’t had the pleasure of staying there, but reviews are excellent.), and reservations might be a good idea. It’s run by the local Native Americans.
If Monument Valley isn’t enough, the next couple of days will knock your socks off! Head up into Utah to the Arches, then Brice Canyon, then Zion. These are National Parks and will charge an admission fee. Some hiking may be involved so be prepared! The rock formations are incredible. You may want to build in an extra day or two, depending on how much exploring you want to do. There are motels and restaurants near each place.
From Zion, it’s a straight shot home on the good old I-15. Yeah, I know. But sometimes, you have to bite the bullet and just do it. Try not to waste time and any money you have left in Lost Wages!

The Easy part is the 210 to the I-15 North, Eat breakfast at the Summit Inn at the top of Cajon Pass. Then:

1. Keep right to continue on I-40 E, follow signs for Needles 49.9 mi
2. Take the exit toward Ludlow 0.3 mi
3. Turn right onto Crucero Rd 364 ft
4. Turn left onto National Trails Hwy 62.6 mi
5. Turn left onto Historic Rte 66 E 16.7 mi
6. Continue onto Goffs Rd 12.5 mi
7. Turn right onto US-95 S 6.5 mi
8. Turn left to merge onto I-40 E/US-95 S toward Needles 0.3 mi
9. Merge onto I-40 E/US-95 S
Continue to follow I-40 E
Entering Arizona 21.9 mi
10. Take exit 1 toward Golden Shores 1/Oatman 0.2 mi
11. Turn left onto Co Hwy 10/Oatman-Topock Hwy
Continue to follow Co Hwy 10 47.8 mi
12. Turn right onto Historic Rte 66 0.4 mi
13. Turn left to merge onto I-40 E toward Flagstaff 0.4 mi
14. Merge onto I-40 E 8.2 mi
15. Take exit 53 for State Route 66 E/Andy Devine Ave toward Kingman Airport 0.2 mi
16. Turn left onto AZ-66 E/B-I 40/Historic Rte 66
Continue to follow AZ-66 E/Historic Rte 66 83.3 mi
17. Turn left onto I-40BUS W 1.2 mi
18. Turn left to merge onto I-40 E toward Flagstaff 0.3 mi
19. Merge onto I-40 E 70.1 mi
20. Take exit 191 for Interstate 40 Business toward Flagstaff 0.6 mi
21. Turn right onto I-40BUS E/Historic Rte 66 3.8 mi
22. Turn left onto Historic Rte 66/Milton Rd
Continue to follow Historic Rte 66 0.6 mi
23. Turn left onto N Humphreys St 394 ft
24. Take the 1st right onto W Aspen Ave 358 ft
25. Take the 1st right onto N Beaver St 354 ft
26. Take the 1st right onto Historic Rte 66 331 ft
Flagstaff, AZ
Drive 390 mi, 7 h 26 min

Day Two
Flagstaff, AZ

1. Head west on Historic Rte 66 toward N Humphreys St 0.6 mi
2. Continue onto Milton Rd 1.0 mi
3. Turn right onto W Forest Meadows St 0.1 mi
4. Turn left onto S Beulah Blvd 0.6 mi
5. Turn left onto Lake Mary Rd 53.6 mi
6. Turn right onto AZ-87 S 35.5 mi
At the traffic circle, continue straight onto AZ-260 E/AZ-87 S 0.6 mi
8. At the traffic circle, continue straight to stay on AZ-260 E/AZ-87 S 240 ft
9. Exit the traffic circle onto AZ-260 E/AZ-87 S
Continue to follow AZ-87 S 17.6 mi
10. Turn left onto AZ-188 S 60.9 mi
11. Turn left onto US-60 E 2.9 mi
12. Turn right onto N Broad St 430 ft
13. Continue onto W Ash St/Willow St 3.3 mi
14. Continue onto US-70 E 0.9 mi
15. Slight left to stay on US-70 E 74.2 mi
16. Turn right onto US-191 S/S 1st Ave
Continue to follow US-191 S 16.6 mi
17. Turn right onto AZ-266 W 19.3 mi
18. Turn left onto Fort Grant Rd 8.6 mi
19. Turn left onto Ash Creek 2.9 mi
20. Turn right onto S Brookerson Rd 3.0 mi
21. Continue onto Fort Grant Rd 14.9 mi
22. Continue onto W Rex Allen Dr 1.1 mi
23, Turn right onto AZ-186 E/N Haskell Ave (signs for Interstate 10 Business) 0.7 mi
24. Turn left onto AZ-186 E/E Maley St
Continue to follow AZ-186 E 5.9 mi
25. Slight right toward S Kansas Settlement Rd 0.2 mi
26. Continue straight onto S Kansas Settlement Rd 20.0 mi
27. Turn left onto US-191 S 43.0 mi
28. Turn left onto AZ-80 E 1.5 mi
29. Continue onto G Ave
Destination will be on the right 0.3 mi / 1 min

Gadsden Hotel
1046 G Ave, Douglas, AZ 85607
Drive 426 mi, 7 h 50 min

Day Three

Gadsden Hotel
1046 G Ave, Douglas, AZ 85607

1. Head north on G Ave toward 11th St 0.3 mi / 1 min
2. Turn right onto AZ-80 E/Pan American Ave
Continue to follow AZ-80 E
Entering New Mexico 48.2 mi
3. Continue onto NM-80 N 8.1 mi
4. Turn right onto NM-9 13.9 mi
5. Turn left onto NM-338 N/NM-9 E 0.1 mi
6. Take the 1st right onto NM-9 E 95.1 mi
7. Continue onto A003 County Rd 3.1 mi
Continue onto A 001 County Rd 0.3 mi
9. Continue onto State Hwy 9 34.4 mi
10. Turn left onto NM-136 E 2.6 mi
11. Turn right onto Airport Rd 2.3 mi
12. Turn right onto McNutt Rd
Entering Texas 8.3 mi
13. Continue onto Anapra Rd 0.2 mi
14. Take the ramp onto W Paisano Dr 1.3 mi
15. Turn left onto Executive Center Blvd 1.1 mi
16. Turn right onto N Mesa St 2.0 mi

221 mi / 4 h 16 min
El Paso, TX

For Lunch, pick one. They all sound GOOD! I got these comments from a website run by a local radio station.

A. StateLine- 1222 Sunland Park Dr, El Paso, TX 79922I’m a big fan of the baby back rib platter and brisket. Amazing !!!
B. Rib Hut- 2612 N Mesa St, El Paso, TX 79902Try the beef rib plate or the sausage plate, always filling  and finger licking awesomeness!
C. Smokey’s Pit BBQ and Saloon 346 N Lee Trevino Dr #207 El Paso, TX 79936( any of the 3 locations )- The pork ribs and beans are always a treat. Try their smoked turkey (moist and juicy) and some of the chili con queso.
D . Rudy’s (7970 Gateway Blvd E. El Paso, TX 79907 Always consistent. The St.Louis BBQ ribs and the baby backs are off the bone deli-sh! (n.b. This might be the best choice, it’s on the road out of town.)
E. Famous Dave’s 1360 George Dieter Dr, El Paso, TX 79936- Check out the any of  ribs with the rich and sassy BBQ sauce, and you can’t forget  the corn muffins.

17. Head southeast on N Mesa St toward E Schuster Ave 0.5 mi
18. Turn left onto E Rio Grande Ave 1.4 mi
19. Continue onto Grant Ave 0.9 mi
20. Turn right onto Elm St 0.1 mi
21. Turn left onto Pershing Dr 1.6 mi
22. Continue onto Dyer St 1.0 mi
23. Turn right onto Monroe Ave 236 ft
24. Slight left onto Forrest St/Monroe Ave 308 ft
25. Continue onto Cassidy Rd (signs for Gateway S) 0.2 mi
26. Turn left onto Gateway N Blvd 0.8 mi
27. Slight right onto Railroad Dr 3.8 mi
28. Slight left onto McCombs St 4.8 mi
29. Turn right onto US-54 E/Gateway N Blvd
Continue to follow US-54 E
Entering New Mexico 70.8 mi
30. Turn right onto Charlie Lee Memorial Relief Route 5.4 mi
31. Turn left onto US-70 E/N White Sands Blvd
Continue to follow US-70 E 114 mi
205 mi / 3 h 35 min
Roswell, NM

Day Four

Roswell, NM

1. Head east on W 2nd St toward N Main St 82 ft
2. Take the 1st left onto US-70 E/N Main St 5.3 mi
3. Take the US-70 E/US-70 W ramp to Portales/Ruidoso 0.2 mi
4. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for Portales and merge onto US-70 E 61.1 mi
5. Turn left onto NM-330 S/S Roosevelt Rd Ak/Texico Ave
Continue to follow NM-330 S 20.4 mi
6. Continue onto NM-267 14.2 mi
7. Turn left onto Denby Ave 1.0 mi
8. Turn right onto NM-268 N/Brownhorn St
Continue to follow NM-268 N 27.5 mi
9. Turn left onto NM-209 N/State Rte 18
Continue to follow NM-209 N 30.9 mi
10. Continue onto S 1st St 364 ft
11. Turn right onto E Mc Gee Ave 377 ft
12. Take the 1st right onto S Adams St 358 ft
13. Take the 1st right onto E Tucumcari Blvd 410 ft
14. Take the 1st left onto S 1st St 33 ft
161 mi / 2 h 52 min
Tucumcari, NM

15. Head south on S 1st St toward E Hines Ave 325 ft
16. Take the 1st right onto E Hines Ave 364 ft
17. Take the 1st right onto S 2nd St 364 ft
18. Take the 1st right onto E Tucumcari Blvd 397 ft
19. Take the 1st left onto NM-104 W/S 1st St
Continue to follow NM-104 W 106 mi
20. Continue onto E University 0.3 mi
21. Turn right onto Grand Ave 0.7 mi
22. Turn left onto Mills Ave 0.7 mi
23. Turn right onto NM-518 N/7th St
Continue to follow NM-518 N 72.7 mi
24. Turn right onto NM-68 N/Paseo Del Pueblo Sur 3.5 mi
25. Continue onto Paseo Del Pueblo Norte 312 ft
26. Turn right onto Barela Ln 121 ft
27. Take the 1st right to stay on Barela Ln 253 ft
185 mi / 4 h 2 min
Taos, NM

28, Turn right onto Kit Carson Rd 105 ft
29. Turn left onto NM-68 S/Paseo Del Pueblo Sur
Continue to follow NM-68 S 45.3 mi
30. Continue onto S Riverside Dr 1.8 mi
31. Continue onto US-285 S/US-84 E 22.2 mi
32. Turn left onto W Alameda St 0.6 mi
33. Turn left onto N Guadalupe St 413 ft
34. Take the 1st right onto W San Francisco St 0.3 mi
70.3 mi / 1 h 22 min
Santa Fe, NM

Day Five
Santa Fe, NM

1. Head east on E San Francisco St toward Cathedral Pl 289 ft
2. Turn right onto Cathedral Pl 0.2 mi
3. Turn right onto E Alameda St 0.3 mi
4. Turn left onto Don Gaspar Ave 20 ft
5. Turn right onto W Alameda St 0.9 mi
6. Turn right onto US-285 N/US-84 W/N St Francis Dr
Continue to follow US-285 N/US-84 W 15.5 mi
7. Take the NM-502 W/Los Alamos exit 0.2 mi
8. Turn left onto Los Alamos Hwy 1.7 mi
9. Continue onto NM-502 6.2 mi

36.1 mi / 45 min
Los Alamos, NM

10. Continue straight onto NM-501 W 2.9 mi
11. Turn right onto NM-4 W 49.6 mi
12. Turn right onto US-550 N 120 mi
13. Turn left onto Co Rd 7010 12.9 mi
14. Turn right onto Co Rd 7100 1.7 mi
15. Turn right onto NM-371 N 5.5 mi
16. Turn left onto US-64 BYP W/W Murray Dr 0.9 mi
17. Turn left onto US-64 W/W Main St
Continue to follow US-64 W 27.4 mi
18. Turn right to stay on US-64 W
Entering Arizona 26.0 mi
19. Continue straight onto US-160 W 71.7 mi
20. Turn right onto US-163 N
Entering Utah 23.7 mi
21. Turn right onto Monument Valley Rd
Entering Arizona
Destination will be on the right 3.7 mi

349 mi / 6 h 8 min
The View Hotel
Indian Route 42 East, Monument Valley, UT 84536

 Day Six
The View Hotel
Indian Route 42 East, Monument Valley, UT 84536

1. Head southwest 0.6 mi
2. Continue straight onto Monument Valley Rd/Monument Valley Tribal Park Rd
Continue to follow Monument Valley Rd
Entering Utah 3.1 mi
3. Turn right onto US-163 N/US-163 Scenic N 41.0 mi
4. Continue straight onto US-191 N 30.1 mi
5. Turn right onto E Center St 0.1 mi
6. Slight left onto US-191 N/N Grayson Pkwy
Continue to follow US-191 N 79.0 mi
7. Turn right onto Arches Entrance Rd
Destination will be on the right 0.6 mi
155 mi / 2 h 42 min
Arches National Park
Moab, UT

8. Head east on Arches Entrance Rd 0.6 mi
9. Turn right onto US-191 N 21.7 mi
10. Turn left toward Ruby Ranch Rd 8.2 mi
11. Turn right onto Ruby Ranch Rd 0.4 mi
12. Continue onto Old Hwy 6 & 50 11.7 mi
13. Turn right onto E Main St 1.8 mi
14. Turn left onto S Long St 0.3 mi
15. Slight left onto Green River Ave 0.1 mi
17. Take the 1st right onto Airport Rd 0.4 mi
18. Continue onto County Rd 3.9 mi
19. Turn right onto Old Hwy Hanksville 3.0 mi
20. Continue onto Old State Rte 24 8.1 mi
21. Turn left onto UT-24 W 40.1 mi
22. Turn right to stay on UT-24 W 81.7 mi
23. Turn left at Hogback Rd 1.5 mi
24. Continue straight onto Browns Ln 1.3 mi
25. Turn left onto UT-62 S 26.3 mi
26. Turn left onto UT-22 S 7.4 mi
27. Continue onto Johns Valley Rd 34.4 mi
28. Continue onto UT-63 S
Destination will be on the right 2.6 mi

255 mi / 5 h 58 min
Bryce Canyon National Park
Hwy 63, Bryce Canyon, UT 84764

29. Head north on UT-63 N toward FR1173 2.6 mi
30. Turn left onto UT-12 W 13.6 mi
31. Turn left onto US-89 S 43.2 mi
32. Turn right onto UT-9 W
Partial toll road
Destination will be on the left 25.4 mi
84.8 mi / 1 h 45 min
Zion Park Motel
865 Zion Park Blvd, Springdale, UT 84767

Day Seven!  Head for HOME!

1. Head west on Zion Park Blvd toward S Paradise Rd 2.3 mi
2. Continue onto UT-9 W/E Main St
Continue to follow UT-9 W 16.9 mi
3. Turn left onto N State St 11.3 mi
4. Turn left at Champs RC Raceway onto 6300 W/Telegraph St
Continue to follow Telegraph St 5.7 mi
5. Continue onto W Red Cliffs Dr 2.2 mi
6. Continue onto S River Rd 1.0 mi
7. Turn right onto E 700 S 0.6 mi
8. Turn right onto S 700 E 92 ft
40.1 mi / 56 min
St George, UT

9. Head South on the I-15 to LA.
It’s under about 400 miles to LA down the I-15. Try and not waste your time and money in Lost Wages!