Saturday, June 13, 2020

So, How About a NEW Road Trip?

We undertook our most ambitious Road Trip during the madness that is 2020. We didn't get attacked by Murder Hornets, and so far, we're not sick. WHEW! 

We did note some interesting things along the way. Our route took us (in order): 
Damn near 500 miles! WHEW! We took the Honda, so we had A/C to escape the heat and Marianne got to drive some. 

 Our first stop was a pee break in Tehachapi at the Love's Truck Stop. VERY clean, lots of hand sanitizer, and they cared about people's health. Mark them as "Good Guys." 

Lunch was trackside in Caliente. Nice lonely place. Hauled out table and chairs and noshed on salami, stilton and baguettes. And there were even several trains to watch rumble by. 

From there is was off west through Bakersfield, down 99 and across 166 to the Coast. Lovely drive as ever. Managed a gas and pee stop on 99 and it was less comfortable. Few masks, even by employees!! More on that later. 

The Coast was lovely as always. We ducked into Solvang and WOW what a shock. Sure it was a Wednesday, but I've NEVER seen the place so empty! Ever. No ranks of tour buses, few shops open, almost a ghost town. Granted, we hit town about 4:30pm, but... It gave us a real sense of the damage this virus is wrecking on the tourist industry. They DID have an interesting idea. The main drag, where most of the eateries are, was blocked off and tables and chairs were set out for diners to use all along the street. Solvang DOES roll up the sidewalks early, but damn. Their farmers market was open and we scored some good stuff, as well as the mandatory stop at Birkholm's Bakery for a Tub o'Cookies and huge raspberry Danish. 

 We cruised from there along 154 and the San Marcos pass in reasonably light traffic, past what we call "Lake Gesundheit" (Cachuma to the rest of you) and down to Santa Barbara. At 6:00, we stopped at the World's Busiest In-n-Out. 45 minutes in the drive through line! 

Home was an easy jaunt back. 

Now, Big Observation. The "Redder" the area, the fewer the masks. In Trumpifornia, it seems caring about other people is some kind of political sin. They proudly spew their possibly virus laden breath and don't seem to care if it's on you. They look at you funny if you wear a mask. As if to say, "Stupid Snowflake, can't take a little cold?" Well, no, I can't. At our age, we're "At Risk." A little consideration would be nice. Like having brake lights and using turn signals. Like not running red lights. How wearing a mask is some kind of infringement on Your Rights is beyond me. It's not about Rights, it's about BEING SELFISH. The Doctrine of Trump is, pure and simple, a Me First, Screw You belief system. And somehow, this is wrapped up in Christianity. sigh. 

OK, I'm sorry if I ranted, I've always kept politics out of this blog, but these are extraordinary times and call for extraordinary measures. 

Stay Safe, Wear your Mask, Care about others!!! 

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